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ISTQB® is the world’s leading organization for software testing certification. Since its foundation in Belgium in 2002, this non-profit organization has continued to grow to become the international benchmark of Testing that it is today. ISTQB® is the first program of independent certifications in the testing environment, taking into account the number of certified people; and it is the third in the ICT industry, behind PMI® (Project Management Institute) and ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure).

ALTEN is a member of ISTQB®, a Spanish Testing Committee – representative of ISTQB® at a national level. It is also the first company in the world certified as an ISTQB® Global Partner, which gives it extensive experience in this field, while is channeled through the competence center of ALTEN Academy.

With the ultimate aim of transferring all this knowledge acquired internally in the field of Testing and software testing, ALTEN Academy was born, aimed at anyone wishing to expand their horizons in this field: professionals involved in the field of quality testing of the development and also professionals who participate in the software development cycle: managers, managers, project managers, analysts, quality managers, developers, testers, etc.

The material used is fully homologated according to the guidelines set by ISTQB® for its official accreditation, in case it is desired. The current ISTQB® training catalog of ALTEN offers the following courses: Foundation Level, Foundation Level Agile Tester Extension, Advanced Level Test Manager, Advanced Level Test Analyst and Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer. Highlight the Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer training, for which ALTEN is the only qualified partner able to teach it in Spain.

All the open formations are available in Madrid, Barcelona and Valladolid according to the calendar available for 2019. The exam, in case of wanting to obtain the official certification, would be set by ALTEN the week following the end of the course, to maximize the results and the assimilation of the knowledge learned during the training.

Similarly, there is the possibility of conducting a hoccourses for companies that wish to do so in their own facilities. In this case, the training would be tailored according to your requirements and your particular circumstances, with the option of requesting the certification exam on the desired date.

More than 95% of students pass the certification after having completed the training course with ALTEN (in the case of the Foundation level).

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ISTQB®, in figures

Since the last registration in June 2017, around 740,000 exams have been administered and more than 535,000 certifications have been issued worldwide. In addition, ISTQB® is present in more than 120 countries and the annual growth in the number of certifications is around 65,000.

Approaching the ISTQB® training plan, the certifications that can be obtained are divided into three levels: basic, advanced and expert.

  • ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level – Basic Level Certified Tester. The objective at this level is to spread the key concepts related to software testing.
  • ISTQB® Certified Advanced Level Tester – Advanced Level Certified Tester. To access this level, it is necessary to have previously passed the Foundation level, since it is aimed at people with a certain degree of experience in software testing. It has three specialties: Test Manager, Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst.
  • ISTQB® Certified Expert Level – Certified Expert Level Tester. At this level the knowledge obtained in the Advanced Level is extended through specialized certification on the different areas of the testing process.