Chatbots arrived to stay!


Nowadays, we live in a continuous process of technological development and technological innovation. ALTEN is committed to the development of high-tech solutions to ease and to improve the consumer-company relationship without losing its character and fresh approach.

The Chatbot is the latest technology we presented. It is a virtual assistant with multiple functionalities that facilitate and improve the users experience in any purchase or hiring process. A bot stays with their users and helps them to solve any kind of doubt in a fast and efficient way. It can also detect their needs according to the navigation by offering the users the best available offer. The bots are becoming a potential marketing tool that a lot of companies are including in their digital strategy.

“Hi! How can I help you” This is an example of how the relationship bot-user could start, then the user can ask the bot to help them to search for a present for someone special. The bot gives endless answers to the user questions, the bot aims to give the best service to its user, surrendering completely to its needs.

The Chatbot can also accomplish another function, it can integrate itself in recruitment processes. This means that the bot could be the first one to be able to interview the candidate. The bot could act as a filter and decide whether the candidate continues in the selection process or not. Some people even think that it would be beneficial to have two bots in the first encounter: the first bot will make contact with the candidate and the second bot will act as a recruiter.

Among the channels in which it is possible to integrate a ChatBot, we can highlight messaging apps, mobile apps, websites or social networks. These “virtual assistants” have arrived with benefits and advantages that could easily replace everything else ever invented. It´s not necessary to download or update anything, and these bots don´t take up space on our mobile phones.

More and more companies are integrating the ChatBots because it reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction, which is every company´s main objective. Users experiences are more pleasant and interactions with customer services are faster and easier, as well as enhance the brand image of the company.