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ALTEN offers its clients flexibility and added value in cutting-edge projects in the aeronautical sector

ALTEN is a preferred supplier of the largest manufacturers in the aeronautical sector. It ensures a local presence close to the Spanish factories and the possibility of giving support at the transnational level. In addition, it has the ability to intervene throughout the life cycle of the product.

It stands out in the creation of design activities and calculation of structures as well as in the setting and integration of systems, testing, hardware and embedded software design and support to the production lines and the supply chain. In addition, it participates in the challenges of improving productive capacity, aircraft safety and sustainability. This takes place within a context of continuous growth in the demand for products and services in the aeronautical sector.

ALTEN is positioned as one of the national leaders in the aeronautical sector

ALTEN participates in the main international space programmes. In them, it provides design and validation solutions for electronic components, software and structures for satellites and shuttles. All this makes ALTEN a reference company in the aeronautical sector.

In the defence area, ALTEN develops military and combat transport aircraft, military multi-role vehicles and submarines. Our teams offer support for the development of specific versions, thus responding to the needs of different military forces.



Pneumatic systems for commercial aircraft Learn more

ALTEN participates in the development of new pneumatic systems for commercial aircraft, and in the tasks of monitoring them in the service phase. The ALTEN Project Manager leads a team that covers the following responsibilities:

  • Supplier management
  • Team development and qualification
  • Setting and validation of integration requirements
  • Analysis of events in service, affecting the operation of the different aircraft in the fleet

The scope of the project also includes initiatives for continuous improvement of design and processes to optimise the quality and cost of the systems.

Support to certification activities Learn more



ALTEN develops support activities for the certification and safety of the different functional systems of military aircraft.

The ALTEN consultants contribute to the certification of modifications before the competent air authorities, and to the maintenance of the safety conditions of the aircraft throughout its life (Continued Airworthiness).

Monitoring service requirements and obsolescence Learn more


ALTEN collaborates with the Chief Engineering departments of different aeronautical programmes for project management, planning and PMO activities, with the aim of ensuring compliance with the service requirements. ALTEN engineers carry out the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of actions
  • Solution of problems of pending requirements
  • Solution of problems of obsolescence
  • Communication with the different entities responsible
Flight Test InstrumentationLearn more



ALTEN collaborates on an international level with the Flight Testing and Methods departments, defining and coordinating equipment installation activities to measure the flight parameters in the development phase of new commercial aircraft (FTI). ALTEN also offers process and method support for the manufacture of complex components and assemblies in all industrial areas.


Mechanical design of structures Learn more


ALTEN participates in the design of satellite structures and shuttles for the main scientific programmes of the International Space Agencies.

  • Mechanical design of the elements and configuration management
  • Initiatives of continuous improvement of design and validation by mechanical and thermal analysis
Electronics Learn more



ALTEN participates in the development of electronic boxes for satellites and space modules.

  • Design and testing of analog and digital HW
  • Design of HW for power equipment
  • SW development and validation
  • Tests and validation of the different systems
Numerical simulation of satellites Learn more


ALTEN develops mechanical, fluid dynamic and thermal models for scientific and telecom satellites.

The main objectives of the numerical models are the calculation of structural resistance under dynamic loads in the launch phases and the setting of the thermal flows in the orbital phases.

ALTEN engineers follow the calculation tasks, from the formulation of the mathematical models, to the correlation with the results of the tests.


Indicators of industrial quality and client satisfaction Learn more

ALTEN actively participates in the management activities of the quality indicators of one of the largest international military aviation programmes. The activities that our clients entrust us with include:

  • Creation, management and reporting of synthetic quality indicators (KPIs)
  • Drafting and updating of quality plans and reports
  • Monitoring of final client satisfaction (Military Air Force)
  • Audit services

The ALTEN team consists of more than 20 engineers, led by a Project Management team, consisting of a Project Manager and a Team Leader for each one of the areas of competence required by the project.

Mechanical and system design for land and amphibious vehicles Learn more


ALTEN offers support for mechanical design and system activities for land and amphibious vehicles for military use.

  • Carrying out studies with 3D CAD models for the preliminary and detailed setting of the components of new multi-role vehicles and developing them up to the generation of the manufacturing, installation and assembly plans for the production lines.
  • Modification and customisation for different applications or Armed Forces.
Monitoring and evaluation of suppliers Learn more



ALTEN collaborates with the purchasing department of one of the largest international shipyards to strengthen the processes of acquisition and tracking of orders for its civil and military programmes.

A long technical experience and the synergies with similar projects developed by ALTEN at international level back our team in its Supply Chain and Ordering activities.