Energy – Industry

ALTEN has positioned itself as a leading player in regulatory changes for the energy and industry sectors.

Renewable energy sources have a fundamental role when facing ecological challenges. ALTEN develops basic and detailed engineering activities for the wind and solar sectors. In addition, this occurs at a time of strong demand from the sector. ALTEN’s offer completely covers the life cycle of wind generators. Thus, our engineers collaborate in activities to evaluate the location of wind farms globally.


  • We collaborate with suppliers and participate in the infrastructure project for the hydraulic and oil & gas sectors.
  • We develop gas turbine and steam turbine design activities.
  • We participate in the conception of mechanical elements and in the civil area of the hydraulic generation plant.

In addition, it should be noted that ALTEN is in a position to provide its clients with functional and technical knowledge. Thanks to this, they are able to adapt their systems and advance their goal of achieving maximum efficiency in the business functioning and its operations. In this way, they constitute a completely distinctive model of relationship with clients and prescribers.


Design and mechanical calculation Learn more



ALTEN participates in the elaboration of future wind turbines, managing projects for the development of new structures (nacelles and blades) in composite or metallic material and mechanical transmission systems. ALTEN offers the competence of an integrated design and mechanical calculation office with CAD and FEM tools.

Design of gas and steam turbines Learn more



ALTEN develops gas and steam turbine design activities. ALTEN consultants participate in the 3D modeling of mechanical parts and in the civil area of the hydraulic generation plant. ALTEN also performs mechanical, thermal and fatigue calculation activities with numerical models.

Finished cycle plant Learn more


ALTEN has participated in the development of a combined cycle power generation plant (diesel and natural gas) carrying out basic and detailed engineering activities:

  • Structural calculations
  • Stress of pipes
  • 3D modelling


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ALTEN develops solutions to balance the load of large production lines, allowing an optimal planning of human and industrial resources. The expertise we offer our clients combines skills in Manufacturing Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, and the optimisation of work times and tool development. All this is backed by a deep knowledge of the product and the client’s own methods.

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ALTEN participates in the management of the catalogs of spare parts for aeronautical components, handling the exchange of information with suppliers, and the continuous updating of the computer systems of the commercial network. ALTEN also offers support for the optimisation of the stocks of different warehouses with Big Data tools.