“Engineering is a way of life based on solutions”

engineering Cloud David

David, Project Director within the ICT area of ALTEN, works as a consultant in Telefónica. Here he tells us about his love for engineering and the new Product Management service that the company is implementing, which, through a centralized site, aims to optimize business processes and the provision of cloud products. The objective of this platform is to reduce costs that different countries have on these products and to facilitate the management processes.


His beginnings

David studied Computer Science’s degree at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He decided to study this matter because it combined mathematics and electronics, areas he likes the most. He came to ALTEN at the end of 2011, thanks to an interesting project that attracted his attention. Since that moment, he has developed his skills and knowledge in different clients, he was able to know new realities and face different challenges.

He does not like labels, but he would define himself as loyal, honest and does not redeem himself at any challenge. The desire to learn, to have an open mind and the ability to work is, for him, some of the most important requirements to successfully perform any task. David says, “University training certifies that one has the knowledge of engineering, but this doesn’t make you an Engineer. He/she who doesn’t innovate, learn or assume that every day is an opportunity to improve things will not have a future,. In addition, he thinks that his profession brings him great things, both personally and professionally, since knowledge and attitudes don’t disappear when anyone gets home. He believes that engineering is a way of life that helps him focus on solutions rather than problems.


David’s project at Telefónica

Telefónica has developed a site to optimise business processes and Cloud products’ provisions. The aim is to reduce management costs, which differs according to different countries. This platform offers to managers the possibility of operating the life cycle of a product locally and optimizing service provision with global suppliers.

In this project, David is in charge of multiple tasks, such as translating business requirements of the different countries to the technical needs of the suppliers or understanding the particularities of the country layer so that everything can be managed through this new platform. Moreover, this project involves a process of migrating legacy platforms to a centralized system and the execution times to carry it out are very limited.

Our colleague stands out in this project because of his experience in consulting in Latin America, as well as training in ITIL, Big Data and Data Analysis, which allows him to provide solutions more aligned with the local client’s needs and to increase their engagement and loyalty.

Currently, David is so involved in this project and wants to continue growing professionally, specifically within the world of Data Engineering, where he has much to contribute. However, he is open to explore and to face new challenges: let the road be the one that tells where we are going, every day there will be a new challenge or a new path to explore”.