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ALTEN offers its clients valuable services and support in the design, construction and integration of innovative solutions and digital transformation.

For more than 20 years, ALTEN has accompanied the great players of the macro-sector in its evolution and transformation, positioning itself as a reference provider in solutions of high innovative character, which solve the new business needs defined by a social and productive environment in permanent change.

ALTEN has a long history as a technological partner in the most important banks and insurance and fintech companies in Spain. It is aware of how the sector has been transformed and how it will continue to do so, offering services adapted to the traditional operation (transactional, integration and operation of systems), and providing new visions and use cases for the digital era, from the processes of Digital OnBoarding and reliable identification of documents and people, to intelligent personal assistants, through process automation tools (RPA), or customised solutions in terms of QA and Testing, which accelerate the effective time-to-market, guaranteeing the most high quality standards required in financial products.

At ALTEN, we use technology as a means to transform companies, their business models and the approach to their customers, with the aim of offering close, efficient and easy-to-use services.

Innovation: Digital OnBoarding & Biometry Learn more

ALTEN, with its VerifDoc © solution of Digital OnBoarding, responds to the need to verify documents and identify people with security criteria and controls, regulatory compliance and legal requirements demanded by regulators.

The digital transformation is one of the main challenges that companies must undertake to satisfy the demand of their clients, technologically trained and adapted to the new digital processes.

Thanks to our commitment to innovation, ALTEN has developed VERIFDOC©, the solution for reliable verification of documents and people.

Solving the most stringent security controls, VERIFDOC consists of a series of technologies (OCR, Biometrics, Video, Advanced Digital Signature …) that detect fraud, forgery or identity theft. These technologies can be used individually or in combination, based on the needs of each project, and can integrate into existing technological architectures.

VERIFDOC© is adapted to the current European legislation (EIDAS – SEPBLAC) of TELCO and BANCA in order to respond to the highest security requirements. Additionally, we have the audit carried out by ECIJA in order to guarantee compliance with SEPBLAC requirements.

Digital Architectures and Development Learn more

ALTEN has teams of engineers specialised in the setting of digital architectures, based on clean, solid, scalable, safe and high performance designs.

Our teams formed by engineers start from the quality for the setting of architectures and the development of business solutions. Taking this premise as a dogma, our teams move forward in the development life cycle to ensure the delivery of quality products ready for production with maximum guarantees of success.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary, qualified and certified ISTQB© team, together with the applied Agile methodology, value is delivered to the client in each iteration, with results from the first iterations of development.

This efficiency improves in each iteration with the maturity of the equipment and, therefore, its speed and delivery capacity increases. In addition, according to the approach of the team, it is able to support changes in the workload (volume and mobile technologies) and always maintain a homogeneous and optimal performance.

ALTEN is your technological partner for the setting, construction, maintenance and evolution of architectures in the digital era.

Automation of QA and Testing Services Learn more

Through test automation solutions, ALTEN ensures the execution of tests quickly, efficiently and flexibly.

ALTEN has developed a test automation solution based on a strategy oriented to reuse, which allows the rapid inclusion and institutionalisation of these activities in the Testing and QA processes of the organisations.

Automation reduces manual effort, increases coverage, and improves the efficiency and safety of tests, reducing time-to-market, giving greater flexibility to the deployment processes and ensuring their success.

The solution of ALTEN in automation is flexible, allowing the adaptation to different development models (agile and waterfall), tools (commercial and open source) and technologies (web, mobile, services) in a fast and transparent way for our clients, allowing their inclusion in continuous integration strategies and DevOps, without the need for additional tools or licenses.

The success of ALTEN’s test automation services is based on the use of a framework available from the initial phase of the project, the inclusion of open architectures that allow its adaptation to any environment, and the experience of certified QA engineers with a high degree of specialisation in test automation.


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