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 In a sector as dynamic and demanding as that of transport, engineering services have evolved, not only over time, but also accompanying the different cycles the industry has suffered, especially during the last decade.

The speed, versatility, flexibility when adapting to the needs of the clients, and diversity in terms of the services we offer are, without a doubt, our hallmark. In this way, ALTEN collaborates with the largest European car manufacturers and suppliers in new mobility solutions. Our engineers manage development and integration projects in the areas of powertrain, chassis, systems, electronics, interiors and vehicle dynamics.

ALTEN also offers services for the development of rolling stock and signaling systems, highlighting the design of structures and interiors, the development of software and road tests.

Automotive industry

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ALTEN collaborates with major automobile manufacturers in the development of new metal structures, such as bumpers, door bars or battery boxes.

ALTEN engineers make numerical models of components and / or of the complete vehicle with specific tools of fast dynamic simulation, and assure the client the complete management of the different stages of validation of the structures.

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ALTEN collaborates with the largest automobile manufacturers in steering and management tasks of engineering projects in the following fields:

  • Electricity
  • Electronics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Automation

ALTEN engineers perform the setting, validation and control of the modifications of the assigned perimeter, general electrical and pneumatic reviews, simultaneous engineering, and the assurance of the correct operation of the facilities in their perimeter of activity (automation / robotics).

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ALTEN collaborates with the largest engine manufacturers in project management for the development of prismatic parts (cylinder heads and engine blocks).

ALTEN engineers:

  • Lead the team responsible for achieving the project objectives, coordinating all project involved parties.
  • Control the resources assigned to the project, in order to comply with the objectives set.
  • Manage the restrictions – scope, phases, schedule, budget, quality, analysis of associated risks – linked to each of the projects, thus ensuring the efficiency of the simultaneous engineering.
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ALTEN collaborates with the largest European automobile groups in the development of electrical and electronic systems.

Among the verification tasks of the new systems, our engineers perform:

  • The study of complex electrical defects
  • Establish action plans for problem solving
  • Make the reports associated with the above


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ALTEN participates in interior design for railway vehicles. The ALTEN team is responsible for the 3D design of the cabins, which includes testing, interiors, equipment, signage and desk.

In addition, ALTEN makes the 2D drawings of sets and quartering for manufacturing and assembly in the workshop.

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ALTEN participates in the development of projects related to railway rolling stock.

  • Design of structures and installation of equipment
  • Setting, coordination and integration of signalling systems in trains
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ALTEN Spain participates in the development and validation of signalling systems for the main companies in the sector.

  • Software development, design and implementation of features and road tests
  • Design and parameterisation of interlocks
  • Drafting and review of interlocking requirements
  • Drafting of the exploitation plan